As a developer with almost 20 years of experience, I’m proud to have developed and shipped around a dozen games and applications. Here’s a small selection of just some of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Some of these were pure mobile application projects, but many involved additional backend and/or web development work as part of the contract.

Razor Micromobility

Razor Micromobility Screenshot

Client: Razor USA LLC

Platform(s): Backend,  iOS,  Android

Tech Stack: Node,  PostgreSQL,  React,  Gatsby,  Kotlin,  Swift,  Google Cloud Platform

Backend software lead and, for the last year of the contract, sole developer across the entire software stack for the Razor Micromobility platform, which allowed operators to remotely manage fleets of scooters or e-bikes.

  • Backend development lead from start of project, working closely with product management on requirements gathering and platform design
  • Design and implement APIs for use by consumer apps and fleet management mobile and web apps
  • Front-end web development for market and fleet management tools
  • iOS and Android feature development for consumer apps
  • Hardware integration with Razor scooters, as well as vehicles from Acton and Okai

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks (initial release)

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks (initial release) Screenshot

Client: Auntie Anne's, via Qubop

Platform(s): iOS,  Android

Tech Stack: Objective-C,  Java

The Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks app is a mobile application that integrates with Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks customer loyalty program. The program allows customers to earn and redeem rewards points, receive special offers, find their nearest Auntie Anne's location, and more.

  • responsible for all aspects of iOS development, as well as designing APIs and supervising the development of middleware to integrate iOS and Android clients with iCare servers
  • integrated Bluetooth beacon technology to enable delivery of proximity-based special offers
  • Wrote CoreGraphics code to draw special offer barcodes for scanning at point-of-sale (no external libraries)


ncvrs Screenshot

Client: ncvrs, Inc.

Platform(s): iOS,  Android

Tech Stack: Objective-C,  Java

Described as "Tinder for books," ncvrs was a start-up that built a book recommendation engine. Users would be presented with book covers that they could like or dislike, and the recommendation engine would suggest books that would appeal to them based on their likes/dislikes. I programmed the iOS and Android apps that integrated with the recommendation engine.

Binwise (initial release)

Binwise (initial release) Screenshot

Client: Binwise, via Qubop

Platform: iOS

Tech Stack: Objective-C

Binwise is a product inventory application for restaurants and bars that enabled rapid and accurate inventorying of wine, liquor, and related products. The application was optimized for use with a 5th generation iPod Touch connected to a Honeywell Captuvo SL22 scanner sled, but was also designed to be completely functional on any iOS device.

  • responsible for all aspects of iOS application development

Micros InMotion (initial release)

Micros InMotion (initial release) Screenshot

Client: Micros, via Qubop

Platform(s): iOS,  Android

Tech Stack: Objective-C,  Java

Real-time dashboard/analytics application for restaurant/hospitality industry

  • developed iOS app, worked with backend engineers on API development
  • helped supervise simultaneous development of Android version

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