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Bitmap Manipulation in Flash Lite

As mentioned previously, Flash Lite 3.1 is available via Application Update on the Nokia 5800. Apart from making FL more web-friendly, 3.1 adds support for some new classes, primarily related to bitmap manipulation (BitmapData, ColorTransform, etc.). I thought I’d play around with these and see how they perform on the 5800.

The results, I think, are pretty encouraging. You can download this file and try it for yourself. When the app starts, after you’ve taken a moment to note just how darn cute my son is, you can use the sliders to mess around with the alpha, red, green, and blue values of the image. The response is pretty peppy. (The slider itself is a little flaky, since the onReleaseOutside event doesn’t get called consistently, it seems; I’d recommend using the stylus.)

If you hit ‘next’, the swf will take the original image and create a mirror of it using BitmapData.copyPixels(). I haven’t run this many times, but the process was taking around 3/10ths of a second on my 5800 - obviously slower than on the desktop, but a pretty respectable length of time for an image that’s 360px wide by 270px high. With images of any significant size, you wouldn’t be able to use this to create any kind of real-time effects/animations. But it seems likely that the 5800 could easily handle such manipulations on a full-screen image without making the player seize up.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, this should work with the Adobe Distributable Player, since it installs Flash Lite 3.1.